Rio Bucovina is a major player in the FMCG market while it can be found in the top 3 producers and distributors of natural mineral water.
Rio Bucovina Group activity covers production, import and distribution of liquids (non-alcoholic beverages) and not-cold food.
The main activity of the Rio Bucovina company is the bottling of Bucovina natural mineral water and the soft drinks production.
The brands marketed by Rio Bucovina are: Bucovina - still and carbonated natural mineral water, La Vitta - table water, Rio, La Vitta, Malibu, Bon Ton - soft drinks, Golden Horse - energy drink, La Vitta - food.
Besides these, the company has later on diversified the range of products in the distribution segment, currently including a wide range of food and other items.
Rio Bucovina is the exclusive distributor for the brands Zara (pasta) and Becker's Bester (fruit juice) in Romania.
Rio Bucovina Group has more than 500 permanent employees, headquarters (in Bucharest), 11 local branches / work points, and 2 points of production.