Rio Bucovina


We aim to become one of the top two Romanian companies with activities related to the production, bottling and distribution of natural mineral waters and soft drinks and we will only be present in those businesses where we can be the first or the second most important player on the national and even regional level.


Customers' satisfaction is the main goal of our company and to achieve this we will constantly invest so that our products become more competitive, the manufacturing capacity and sales force get bigger, while and in the same time recruit and motivate the best people and provide resources to support their professional development and the group's growth as well.

We will get involved in the development of special projects focused on ecology and environment protection, so that the future generations will live in a cleaner world.

The values of the Rio Bucovina Group

1. Trust and respect – we provide all our customers and employees trust and respect in the same time, as we believe they are members of the same family.

2. Professionalism – we always promote competence, we support the members of our team through training and ongoing professional development, we believe in personal fulfillment and group development.
3. Belief – we trust and promote the fundamental values of mankind, those principles that underlie people's education, the main resource of the company.
4. Courage - to cope with contemporary changes, environmental or technological.

The Policy Regarding Quality, Environment and Food Safety
RAZVAN IANCAU, General Manager, May 25, 2012

The policy of S.C. RIO BUCOVINA S.R.L. regarding quality, environment and food safety is to produce, bottle and sell mineral water, other types of water and soft drinks, as well as to sell safe food products and other products at a high quality level and in the shortest possible time, with the best quality / price ratio, given a stable financial balance and respecting the applicable legislation.
I am convinced that the organization relies on its customers, therefore, in order to achieve a sustainable success, all employees, regardless of hierarchical level, have to understand, fully meet and exceed the current and future needs and expectations of the customers living in a complex, demanding and ever-changing environment.
For a successful management and functioning as well and in order to attain the objectives I am convinced that the organization must be coordinated and controlled in a systematic and transparent manner, by means of maintaining and continuously improving the development of an effective quality, environment and food safety integrated quality management system, that act in accordance with the international standards and meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders in a balanced manner on a long term.
As leaders of the organization, the directors and managers of our workplaces define the unity between the purpose and the direction of the organization by establishing clear mission, vision and values alongside realistic objectives and targets, implement strategies for achieving these goals and maintain an internal environment that promotes the fully involved of the staff in achieving the objectives.
I believe that the staff at all levels is the essence of the organization and all its abilities should be used for the benefit of the organization. In this respect, I promote trust, provide the resources, freedom and motivation necessary to act responsibly and be liable, I encourage an open and honest communication and I am concerned about employees' education, training and guidance.
I promise to:
- Comply with legal environmental requirements and other applicable requirements to which the organization subscribes related to its environmental aspects and with applicable regulatory and legal requirements relating to food safety, as well as customer requirements, to which we mutually agreed;
- Prevent any form of pollution by giving priority to preventing pollution at its source, through: maintaining an optimum operation of the production equipment and the means of transport, material substitutions, changes in processes, products or technologies, efficient use of energy and material resources, internal reuse or recycling of the materials into processes and utilities, outward transfer of materials for reuse or recycling, controlled removal of waste, where feasible;
- Attain a constant improvement by developing assessment procedures of environmental performance and associated indicators;
- Reduce any significant impacts on the environment of new activities by using integrated environmental management procedures and planning;
- Ensure that food safety hazards related to products we made and commercialize are identified, analyzed, controlled and eliminated;
- Ensure the design of products and services while keeping in mind the environmental issues and food safety;
- Set an example of leadership in environmental management and food safety.
I certify that the policy regarding quality, environment and food safety is consistent with other policies of the organization, is known by all interested parties, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels, through staff training activities and through the analysis of the integrated management system done periodically and whenever necessary.
I am committed to fulfill the policy and provide sufficient resources (financial, human and material) and an appropriate framework for setting, effectively controlling and achieving the organizational objectives.