Rio Bucovina's main activity domain is the bottling of the Bucovina natural mineral water and production soft drinks.

Bucovina still and carbonated natural mineral water, Rio Bucovina's own brand, springs naturally from an underground deposit / aquifer located in a natural reserve type of area.

Bucovina still natural mineral water is chemically balanced, has a small amount of dissolved minerals (79 mg / l dry residue at 180 ° C), an optimum pH of 7.19, a very low fluoride content (<0.052 mg), nitrates (4.46 mg / l) and nitrites (<0.01 mg / l) and is certified and recommended for baby's food preparation by the Alfred Rusescu Institute for Mother and Child Protection.

Bucovina - Bag-in - Box 5L is the only still natural mineral water in Romania with an ultra hygienic packaging, produced in a sterile environment and it is recommended for the preparation of milk formulas, teas and cereal meals or for diluting natural juices for babies. This type of packaging preserves the water quality long after the opening without allowing penetration of air when using it, thus ensuring long lasting freshness of the product, with maximum hygiene. Starting with December 2012, the product is available in the network pharmacies Sensiblu.

Bucovina carbonated natural mineral water has a low sodium content, a pleasant, balanced taste and special properties to bind and retain the carbon dioxide by ensuring the transit of the electrolytes through the body, as they are essential to its normal functioning.

LA VITTA brand– plain spring water or table carbonated water, ideal solutions for every moment of the day. 

MALIBU brand - carbonated table water, is at hand for you and your family in support of a healthy and proper hydration.

BON TON, LA VITTA, MALIBU and RIO brands - soft carbonated drinks, in a variety of fruit flavors (peach, orange, grapes, tropical fruits and pears) are specifically designed for a lively lifestyle.

GOLDEN HORSE brand - energy drink that gives you the power you need throughout the day. Refreshing taste, lasting energy, controlled force.

LA VITTA Food brand - Tasty, ideal products for quick, easy to make meals. 

Rio Bucovina is the exclusive distributor for the following brands in Romania:

BECKERS BESTER - 100% natural juices and nectars, that offers German quality guarantee.

Over the years the company has diversified its commercialized product portfolio, including now a wide range of food and other goods.