The Rio Bucovina factory from Vatra Dornei

Operates four production lines: 3 PET lines (0,5 L / 1,5 L / 2L / 5L) and a glass bottle line (0,33 L / 0,75 L). The total capacity of the plant is 34,000 bottles / hour. Here the BUCOVINA mineral water - collected from the Secu F2 Rosu and C7 Secu sources - is processed and bottled.


The Rio Bucovina factory from Timisoara 

With a maximum capacity of 16,000 bottles per hour, the Timisoara plant is producing, processing and bottling soft drinks and table water and tonic water as well as.
  • • soft drinks - LA VITTA, MALIBU, RIO in a wide range
  • • table water - LA VITTA and MALIBU
  • • Tonic water - BON TON
This plant operates a production line - 0.5 L and 2 L PET bottles.